Monday, December 11, 2017

DID you agree to receive Notices via Electronic Transmission

We all agree E Mail is convenient

But sometimes a written letter; weighty in its importance will make you observe and deal with the contents.

If you agree to receive notice by email the importance may be missed or the JUNK folder filled.

RE:          New Lien Instruction Form  We attach here our new Notice of Lien/Lien Instruction Form. As you know, there have been some recent changes to the Condominium Act, 1998. One particular change which may affect the way lien notices are communicated to owners is the section governing Service on an Owner, Section 47(4). We will require you to complete the "Consent to Electronic Delivery" section of the instruction form, in the following cases:
  • where a unit owner has indicated, in writing, that they agree to receive service electronically; and/or
  • where the corporation has, on record, a duly completed "Agreement to Electronic Delivery".  (Must comply with Section 47(4), 47(6) of the Condominium Act, 1998, and 12.7 of O. Reg. 48/01.)
... office will send all notices by both mail and email, where an email address is provided.

 It is more convenient, but have you ever missed something important?  

What do you think? 

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