Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Are you protected as FSBO

“In his report, the finance minister clearly recognizes that consumers who use these companies and who suffer a prejudice are not benefiting from all of the protections offered by real estate brokers,”


I guess free is not so good.

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Digital Images Toronto Matterport

3D Showcase Navigation Help. 

3D Showcase features a new help experience designed to drive greater engagement with your models. Navigation Help educates users on key features, such as walking around inside the model and viewing the Dollhouse. 

Click the question mark icon to open Navigation Help. Navigation Help automatically appears once for each user. If you wish to display help every time a particular 3D Showcase runs, you can add the query parameter &help=1 to the embed code, as shown below:

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Bob Rennie says "Tax Real Estate Speculators!"

Following a plethora of attention grabbing headlines I find this;

Condo king calls for tax on flipping homes

Bob Rennie, the ‘condo king’ of Vancouver says that there should be a new tax on those who speculate on the property market....


UMMMM...   Hello...

Toronto and Ontario have land transfer tax, if you have previously owned property [anywhere]


This is Payable whenever you buy anything within the land transfer tax system, amounting to $12,500 on a condo / house purchase at $500,000  [say 2.5%]

Our friends from HST  - Those Revenuers - charge you an additional 13% of the final price on any purchase where the property is NON OWNER occupied at closing. (you sign a declaration to that effect)


Let's wave the flag and TAX THOSE FOREIGNERS!

Well,  as a non resident purchasing units for rental [and/or flipping] the Owner must declare and pay income tax. If you are a non resident selling real estate there is a with holding tax of 25% pending your filing a tax return.  NOTWITHSTANDING that you have a challenge to obtain financing (foreigners need higher if not half down payments) the CRA wants a 25% payment on sale.


Very Disappointing to hear advice from Bob Rennie to TAX speculators for we all are speculating on the future of the real estate market in both Vancouver and Toronto. Pensions funds, OMERS and just plain home owners on a pension are betting on their nest egg.

Banks release [stats of] lower levels of deposits and its no wonder with interest yields of .08% on savings and 2.00% long term investments that people are turning towards the 10 - 15% gains made in real estate. The BMO Wealthy investor reports that 27% of high net worth individuals own income property.

Building wealth in real estate and rental units is purchasing and HOLDING LONG TERM whereby a tenant pays off your mortgage over 25 years and you have a performing asset.

Simple example;

$300,000 in the bank at 2% earns you  $6,000 this year

$300,000 in a condo purchase pays you $18,000 this year, but you need to manage, pay maintenance and taxes.

I see a clear choice.

What do you think?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vikram Mansharamani Out of Town [COUNTRY] expert

Another the sky is falling lecturer

Yale lecturer latest to warn of a Canadian housing bubbleCanadians are resorting to risky strategies in order to finance home purchases and fuelling the bubble in the process. That’s the warning from Yale lecturer Vikram Mansharamani  http://www.canadianrealestatemagazine.ca/news/daily-market-update-189606.aspx

YET Another quarterback from the United States that foresaw the collapse of housing and the theft of BILLIONS in 2008....

How did that work out with No job, stated income loans; debt with balloon payments, short sales. A shadow inventory of homes held by Banks in Foreclose. Cities with unpaid water bills and taxes.

UMMmmm   NONE of that exists in Canada.   We have credit criteria that is strict based on historic sales and income/ appraisal. (CHMC insured loans)  No Tax deductibility on a principal residence encourages debt reduction on mortgages.

Could the market soften?   Sure!    Are people continuing to arrive in Canada?   Why?

Because no matter the challenges our Canadian Economy is robust.

Investing here?   Rates are 2% Variable and 3% fixed for 5 years
Vacancy rates are near 2% for rental property.

Buying?  You should be;  but make a prudent decision.
For me; Its all about the numbers not the emotion

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We need a voice for Consumers - Toronto Condo

When you buy a condo they give you a document bundle to review; You have 10 days to decide if you accept or not.  Your period of Rescission.

Prospective purchasers of units in new condominium projects (or their lawyers) should be carefully scrutinizing the disclosure documents and the agreement of purchase and sale to see if the developer has in fact limited its liability. If so, purchasers should take this into account when making their decision to buy into the project. As the Ontario government is now in the process of making major revisions to the Condominium Act, it will be interesting to see if the government will address this issue in the new legislation. - See more at: http://www.condoreporter.com/?p=3784&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+CondoReporter+%28Condo+Reporter%29#sthash.cAELcyN2.dpuf

So when I attended the SALES OFFICE you gave me a declaration and proposed Rules Regulations and BYLAWS;  but before a condo corporation is formed by the residents You force us to CLOSE and then realise you have changed the By - Laws limiting your own liability.

That's reputable -   NOT

David Pylyp
A Voice for Fairness to Consumers

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Buying a Canadian Condo - Free Condo Guide

A comprehensive complete Condominium Buyers guide for Toronto Condo Investors.

As written byAudrey Loeb, LSM, B.A., LL.B., LL.M. practises law in Toronto. She carries on a focused practice in conveyancing and condominium law. She advises buyers and sellers on conveyancing matters, developers on condominium development, and condominium corporations on issues of corporate governance and operations. She is a member of the Canadian Condominium Institute. In 2008, she was awarded the Law Society Medal for her significant contributions to the profession and to the community, and the Ontario Bar Association’s Real Property Section Award of Excellence. 

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