Monday, September 15, 2014

True Crime Scene - Toronto Condos

The True crime scene; Is leaving money on the table.

You have a listing. It's almost 30 days on the market. You ask for the offer by email. Well, because everyone is in different places.   Its easier. It saves a trip. We offer you 90% of asking.  You sign back asking price less 2.5%

We took our marbles and went away.

You call me back a week later asking why we didn't want to negotiate?

What happened?

What happened at the Offer Negotiation Table?  Let me explain...  There was no negotiation.  Each party preened their position and stood their ground.

A negotiation is the most vital part of the Home Selling process.   Good to say that our market is in a perpetual upswing so everyone is in multiple offers...  But is it?  Some Condos and townhomes are averaging 37 to 42 days on market.

The nuance of presenting an offer and the etiquette of discussing your Buyer's / Client's capacity, ability and URGENCY to close a transaction is important.   Our rush to substitute technology for service and dialogue does a disservice to everyone involved.

If your best closing line is "It's a WIN WIN WIN situation";  It appears one of the four people there is going to lose.  Reducing the amounts to their monthly carry costs to make them seem insignificant may work but the owners raised 3 children in that kitchen, marking each birthday with a line on the door frame for height. 

What value is placed on the emotion of the transaction.   The scene of the crime was the rush to initial the small glass tablet and email the response.

What do you think?