Monday, January 11, 2016

Who do you pick as Your SECOND Realtor

Who will you pick for your second real estate agent?

Will you revise the selection process?

Because we are not all the same ...

Sellers seem to understand the market better with the second agent.
But I would prefer if you called me first.

I would encourage you to consider Matterport 3D interactive tour to help sell your home faster.

This allows out of town and across town buyers to see it before you go there!

Call David Pylyp

Sunday, January 10, 2016

What will happen to Toronto Condo Market in 2016?

Last year we were inundated with Bubble Bubble and Condo over supply stories that just never came to pass.   For 2016 Let's listen to a few people who know what's really going on with supply and demand.

Toronto's condo titans join BNN for a panel chat to discuss the risks facing the real estate market, the impact of new mortgage rules and the outlook for condo demand. Greg Bonnell speaks with Lanterra Developments' Barry Fenton, Empire Communities' Paul Golini and Tridel's Jim Ritchie.


  • condo gains of 5% year over year
  • Market has high vacancy rate
  • Prices and Rates are consistent year over year
  • 20,000 New units to market each year 
  • Continued Demand for housing

What are your thoughts?

Even though it looks expensive; It's affordable.