Sunday, August 31, 2014

Grenadier Square Toronto Condo Development vs NIMBY

Project Quebec Ave, High Park Ave, intensification for condos.

Location; This block of high rise buildings is home to a large tenant population with existing [affordable] rentals 

OMB hearing on Grenadier Square development proposal (two 26-storey buildings at 51-77 Quebec Ave. and 40-66 High Park Ave.), from High Park Coalition, a citizen group which is opposing it:

     "We have great news:  On Aug. 28, City Council rejected the proposed settlement on the Grenadier Square development, instead adopting Councillor Doucette’s motion to continue fighting at the OMB with an outside Planner. Thank you to everyone who reached out to the City Clerk to oppose this agreement – over 250 emails were sent in under 48 hours, again demonstrating how strongly the community opposes this development.

     "What’s next? On Sep. 8, representatives of the High Park Coalition will head to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing, and we want you to join us.  Help show community opposition to this development by filling the room with supporters, especially during the first few days.  The hearing begins at 10 a.m. at 655 Bay St., 16th floor, and is scheduled to run 10 days.  Please join us for an hour or two if you can!

      "Our OMB Team includes highly knowledgeable and experienced technical professionals. Together, we’ve developed a strong strategy to demonstrate why the Grenadier Square developments don’t belong in High Park.  Please help us secure the funds we need to have our professionals support our case at the OMB hearing for the full 10 days, by making a donation to the High Park Coalition today."

Conclusion;   Toronto requires more density.  Density requires infill construction that is over existing TTC Access points. [namely subways]  High Park is a desirable neighbourhood with community shops and serves.

Builder will make major concessions to Toronto with Development Fund   [sect 37] in the Millions of dollars to obtain permission to create this project.

Neighbourhood Group will mobilize and collect money so that they can pay professionals to discuss shadows and line of site; (refer to para (1) where Hi Density already exists)   You were included in the process and a few lawyers will say.... " We were able to negotiate them down a few floors. 

Will the developers succeed?