Friday, July 25, 2014

Toronto Condos For Sale

You want to sell a condominium unit in Toronto.

The market is competitive;  the number of units for sale and days on market keep increasing.  This trend will continue.

You not only need a lawyer to verify the details in a STATUS CERTIFICATE but we may also need an accountant to explain what's happening inside your building.

Does the agent you are going to hire understand the structure and amenities of your building.   Can they explain what is actually for sale?   Can they explain the costs to operate and live in your community. 

This is a worthwhile PDF to take in that explains the legal life cycle of a condominium and the turn over process from developer to the owners.  .... into Warranty and Management. Then our years of ownership.

The video is here; Archived Video Conference

Event password is ab0715 

You are NEVER disappointed when you hire someone who understands the job.

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