Monday, April 25, 2016

Glass in Condos ~ The Glass is the wall

Especially, all that glass that's being used to build Floor to Ceiling glass views but it has Low insulating value, it is totally transparent to Sun and provides No insulating value to Glass.

Province of Ontario has implemented a maximum rule of 40% exterior glass effective 2014 Structural Design of Glass for Buildings that will limit the heat loss, tempering and layering, (how it shatters and falls) Heat Absorbing and Heat reflecting.

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Condominium Buildings are required to produce Performance Audits on a 5 year cycle that help establish long term commitments for replacement and repair [Decide on the Remaining Economic Life of Components] These costs of replacement are factored into your reserve funds already. 

New Buildings will have less glass as an exterior feature and FEEL like the older condos where you placed your elbows on the window ledge and looked out.

Sure is pretty to look out the windows

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