Friday, October 4, 2013

New IMPROVED Condo Act coming

Adding a layer of Government that is similar to a Tribunal will create additional government red tape and bureaucracy.  Court Rooms, Paralegals, defenders. Hearing Rooms, Benches, Judges, recordings, DARP where we already have arbitration and mediation available.

All because Buyers refuse to read and understand condo Declarations and want to appeal BY LAWS after they move in.  Yes, I understand that there is opportunity for abuse of the Rules process.

Residents, stakeholders and experts representing Ontario’s booming condo industry have shared their proposed solutions for updating the province’s Condominium Act. Released on September 24, 2013, the stage two solutions report is the result of extensive public engagement efforts undertaken by Canada’s Public Policy Forum and Ontario’s Ministry of Consumer Services (MCS).
Key recommendations include:
  • Creation of a Condo Office, an arm’s length umbrella organization that could provide functions such as education and awareness, dispute settlement, condo manager licensing, and a condo registry.
  • Improved consumer education and protection
  • Updated financial management rules and dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Stronger qualification requirements for condo boards, including mandatory training for first-time members
  • A new licensing program, managed by the condo office, to ensure that condo managers are properly trained and qualified.
To produce this report, people with expertise in various condominium issues reviewed the Stage One Findings Report and the public comments it generated.


Condo Owners Need and Boards of Directors also need to band together to get better representation, prices for services and contracts that are tendered.

Have you had condo problems?

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