Thursday, September 26, 2013

Condo Corp applies the money you owe where it likes first

If you are behind and have other claim or insurance items outstanding with a Condo Corporation in Ontario;  Case law is clearly on their side.

Owner had set up a pre-authorized payment plan for her common expense payments. In addition to falling behind in the payment of several monthly common expense payments, the owner also was indebted to the Corporation for two chargebacks. One was for plumbing services relating to a leak which the Corporation claimed emanated from the owner’s unit, and the other related to damage caused by the owner to the common element garage door. A lien was then registered against the unit, a notice of sale was issued and the Corporation subsequently commenced an action for possession of the unit. By this time, the Corporation claimed that the total amount owing was in excess of $42,000. This included arrears of common expenses, the two chargebacks, legal costs relating to the lien and the sale proceedings, plus interest. 

This case  is reassuring for condominium corporations as it upheld the practice of most condominium corporations: allocating common expense payments to the oldest indebtedness, including chargebacks.

What's the moral of this story? 

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