Thursday, July 11, 2013

Home Verified Report - For Sale after damage

Photo Cred Tom Ryaboi
We have had two major floods in Toronto in the last few years. Storm Damage has been swift.   

They sweep out the water.   The broadloom has dried and dehumidified for weeks / months.  Now, that house is up for sale.     How will you find out what happened in the past.    I do.

Home Verified Reports are available to real estate agents through Geo Warehouse. This provides a documented 5 year claims history of that property's activity including if its been a GROW HOUSE.


The Home Verified Report allows you access to the exclusive database for property insurance claims.  Any claim by any insurer in Canada is recorded here incl; fire, flood, sewer back up, hail etc., going back a five year period.  Grow OPS Records are also included.

This  means that our team is able to provide you more details about the home you are considering as a resale home purchase and give you clarity and confidence to move forward.

Is this the type of information you need?

Lets get started buying your next home.

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