Friday, April 26, 2013

Landlord Tenant Tribunal - Representation

As an owner investor of a condominium unit you may represent yourself at a Landlord and Tenant Tribunal Hearing.   This is governed by the laws of the Residential Tenancies Act

All the reference Material and Forms you require is searchable on this site.

Previously a NON licensed person could represent you. This is now been changed to be;
a) Non Paid PRO Bono Representative
b) Paralegal
c) Lawyer

Where Property Managers of larger rental companies could previously attend the tribunal they are now required to be licensed and Insured (Law Society Members).  

You can prepare your own paperwork but be informed you may need additional help.

Even though I have attended at hundred of Landlord Tenant dispute resolutions and Mediations I am not a licensed paralegal (grandfathered).  I can however recommend quality experienced people.


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